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KATE SPADE x ASIA Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign

There are just certain things in life a girl must splurge on and “invest” in. Such things include a good haircut, finding that magical manicurist who makes that mani LAST (there’s a technique to it, ladies!), that classic staple purse- Chanel and the like. You know.

But then there comes an exciting time in every girl’s life when they find a brand that sits on that fabulously happy medium between luxury and wallet-friendliness. Whose merchandise encompasses a quality that is equal to its moderate I-don’t-have-to-live-off-of-ramen-for-a-month price tag, yet you are just as proud to tote around as you would a high-ender because of what that label represents or their designs are just THAT gosh darn cute.

For myself especially, the overall vibe and aura of a label (a.k.a marketing prowess) makes a big difference in my decision of ‘Do I like ’em or hate ’em?”

One of my personal favourite labels that checks every box under this very specific category is Kate Spade New York. Maybe it’s the gold…it could be the glitter, the motivational and fun sayings, the bright and tumblr-esque campaigns, the bows, the polka dots…regardless of what it is, I just felt like I had to put this out there: that Kate Spade? She’s pretty dope.

Yep. I just used the word ‘dope’ and referred to a company as a ‘she’. Live with it.

With that being said, without further ado, here is their Shanghai/Tokyo-inspired Fall/Winter 2014 campaign starring Ming Xi.

Photographs taken by Cedric Buchet.


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Don’t even tell me that wasn’t a little bit of awesome inspiration.

To shop the looks above, go to or directly to this link: Kate Spade Shanghai Collection 2014

Free shipping and returns to all 50 states.


2 comments on “KATE SPADE x ASIA Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign

  1. shannontao

    Love this campaign, great images! <3

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