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Taken in Basel, Switzerland on a stop-over for a night before heading back to Paris by train.

This is one of my favourite photos I’ve ever taken.

If I think about it, I can still feel the cool, comforting breeze against the cheeks of my face and smell the crisp, December air. The quiet lack of traffic- prime example being my standing in the middle of the road, taking this photo and walking away unscathed. The soft, twinkling lights wrung around the trees (it was just past Christmas). The sun was just setting, colouring the sky this lovely, sleep-inducing shade of winter blue that one could never possibly capture in a photograph – but that one can surely endeavour to.

Though I’m afraid it has to be said, nothing particularly spectacular or magical happened this night. My dinner was pretty awful, after which I went to Starbucks and bought a couple of candy-cane-handled espresso cups that I have to-this-day never used. That’s besides the point, though. (Eggnog shots this Christmas, anyone??)

What was nice about that night is that it was tranquil in a way that’s rare in a relatively big city. The best way I can describe it- something I think book lovers in particular might understand- is finding that peaceful, quiet, cozy bookstore or café. That one where you can just sit in the corner, unnoticed and undisturbed, with a soothing hot cup of coffee or tea before disappearing into a book for hours on end.

That’s how that night felt, and that’s what this photo reminds me of.

Plus the lines. Who doesn’t love a myriad of symmetrical, or in this case, wonderfully Asymmetrical lines? It’s funny. I rarely notice or register these kinds of wires and cables in my everyday life, so am always surprised when I look up and see them in my own city. They almost appear as if somebody’s cast a giant net over the world. …And for those of you, like me, with the over-the-top-wild imaginations, I hope you enjoy where that thought takes you.

But to be honest, the biggest thing I think I should probably take away from all this, is that the fact that it surprises me, I realize, is perhaps an indication of something I (and likely many other people) should probably do more often- which is to put the phone away and simply look up.



  1. your writing is beautiful. basel sounds like such a lovely place. i stopped over basel on my way back to london but i only stayed in the airport so wasn’t able to see the city.

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