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This is for all the creative types out there, to serve as a reminder. Whether you are a writer, painter, sculptor, musician, actor, editor, fashion designer, creative director, graphic designer, filmmaker, any kind of stylist, in marketing – make it your job to create what is NEXT.

Strive to be innovative, dare to be bold, endeavour to stand out, grow your desire to buck the trends. That doesn’t mean you can’t recycle ideas – because nothing is original – but take those ideas, stuff them in a blender, add a dash of ‘you-ness’ and keep doing that over and over until you get something  p h e n o m e n a l .

A single idea may not change the world, but a single idea could lead to the single change that ignites a revolution.

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8 comments on “BOLDNESS x ORIGINALITY: The Creative Types

  1. You know how things seem to go in circles? Using spirals would make for the better metaphor, I think. Innovation is often an iteration of something that came before with a little twist. Now, while any twist has the power to renew, I believe it’s sort of people’s responsibility to find the one that really works and makes things take off – and not just with a personal note. There’s so much stuff everywhere that appears to be new for the sheer sake of being new, not fulfilling any means. At times, you really wonder which way the spiral goes.


    • Perhaps I didn’t get my message across concisely or didn’t elaborate enough. I would never mean to encourage creating something new that is contrived. Of course not. I would hope that would be assumed. What I do mean is to encourage people who are overly concerned with or discouraged by their peers- as I find myself to be at times- and instead focus on themselves and finding their own voices by simply doing the work. Taking old ideas, new ideas, all other inspiration and just throw it into a mixing pot of sorts and seeing what comes out.

      It’s true, most of the time what might come out is probably going to be complete contrived garbage, but in that trial, you might also find something great as a result. And from there, you can work on it and develop ‘that’ whatever it may be until you find yourself with something of quality and that is, without realizing or trying, so uniquely you. Because people can’t help but add their own aesthetics, flair and preferences to things, whether they intend to or not, and it will come through in the work. But it is exactly that which shapes it into what it is and makes it ‘original’, because there is only one you.

      Other people could create something similar, but not quite the same. So perhaps it isn’t ‘innovative’ per se, but it is certainly different, unique work purely in the sense that nobody else could put those same ideas into a mixing pot and come out with the exact same results.

      Anyway, at the end of the day, my point and intention was to remind people not to get too caught up looking to their left and right, instead just to be centered and focused on their own work right in front of them, to create create create and try new things. And through that they’re bound to make something out of it that feels right. And not just for the sake of churning out something new. ALTHOUGH I must say, that at times, creating for the sake of it can be a helpful exercise to get the wheels turning again. Can be.

      I like your spirals metaphor. Thank you for your thoughtful and thought-provoking comment. I agree, innovation often is an old idea, recycled with a twist, hence the mixing pot/blender metaphor. I also agree that there are a lot of things created, it seems, for the sheer sake of being new and has a feel of emptiness or pointlessness about it. (On that note, I certainly can’t stand people who try so hard to show and tell the world just how special, unique, -enter adjective here- they are. If you are, you are. If you have to say it, weeeeeell..) But hopefully upon reflection, that artist can then learn and develop from there. Or not! Who knows. Everyone is on a different creative path and journey, and everyone certainly has different motivations.. Though if we’re talking about technology (Apple comes to mind for some reason) and other more mainstream examples that come down to a pay cheque and numbers..well that’s a whole other discussion.


      • Sorry, my comment came across a little weird – it was not at all my intention to question you. I actually agree with everything you wrote in your original post and simply wanted to introduce a less discussed angle of the topic. You are in fact doing a really good job being articulate.

        On the thought of eventually finding something great by means of trying new things, contrived or not; it’s an interesting notion. I’m unsure not putting your mind into creating would even work for exercise, but I can only echo your point about going your own way, as unorthodox as it may be, instead of comparing yourself to others and conforming to their views, which is extremely hard not to do in our times – for me anyway. There’s only displeasure in keeping ideas locked up, even if no one would jump on them.

        Reading your other posts, I have to say that I quite enjoy your neat style of writing and image selections. Nice work!

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      • Oh, no. Not at all! Just simply took the opportunity to further explain my thoughts. :) But thank you for your kind words and I enjoy reading about your thoughts and opinions. Also, Thank You for going ahead and reading my other posts and the additional kind words on top of that. It really means a lot to me.

        Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m flattered by your compliments. Your work gives me fantastic inspiration.

        xxo Carly

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  2. Great post…And the reply to Kenneth’s comment is quite enlightening too. As a creative I can relate to everything you said. There is an imminent fear to compare your work with others and feel like you are not worth much. One fact that keeps me going is realising that I am my only competition. That the only work I should compare my present work to, is my past work.
    Let’s keep creating

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    • Thank you so much for your input, Halisee. Yes, you are your only competition. Now if only I could remember that’s a work in progress.
      You’re wonderful, and so is your work.

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  3. Molly (

    Excellent message :)

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