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Watch this video: M Missoni Behind-the-Scenes Fall 2014 Campaign

Why do I post behind-the-scenes videos rather than the campaigns themselves?

Because I’m not interested in (well, maybe a little) finished products, in acutely edited and highly polished campaigns. There are a handful of exceptions but more often than not, they’re usually pretty boring. What I prefer is getting a glimpse at what goes on behind the Photoshop-perfected scenes and get to take in a little bit of that creative process, where some very real people are doing some very real and creative work in the business of turning nothing into something spectacular.

For me at least, that’s where the true inspiration comes from.

Below is M Missoni’s mood board for their Fall/Winter 2014 collection. ‘Grunge Glam’ and ‘Grunge Chic’, as they call it. The collection takes on a minimalistic and simple flair with soft yet structured silhouettes. As always with Missoni the prints and patterns are not shy to say hello but in an elegant, moody, understated British sort of way. Plenty of plaid, abstract patterns (the red Jacquard design below is amazing) and fall colours with deep muted red, green and blue hues. A collection made to channel your inner Rock n’ Roll-chic, grunge flower-girl hippie.

Just looking at this collection and all its plaid glory makes me want to get my British Kate Moss, Keira Knightley, Alexa Chung, The Strokes (yes they’re American, I know) vibe on and go shopping for new vinyl records. That might just be me.

Below are some of my favourite looks. Enjoy.


Catalogo_Winter_2014_0607 MISSONI Catalogo_Winter_2014_1415 MISSONI Catalogo_Winter_2014_1819 MISSONI Catalogo_Winter_2014_1213 MISSONI Catalogo_Winter_2014_0809 MISSONI Catalogo_Winter_2014_1617 MISSONI Catalogo_Winter_2014_2021 MISSONI

MISSONI Marble Jacquard Sweater MMissoni Marble Jacquard Dress

Red Marble Jacquard

Shop the look:


M MISSONI via POLYVORE (for international sites)


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