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Watch this video: An artsy interpretation of Victoria Beckham’s store opening by Katerina Jebb

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I’ve been so busy working on a new project and getting used to my newly established working hours that I’ve literally been too tired to post! But this was something that caught my eye this past week that I really enjoyed.

I was never much of a Spice Girls fan (too young perhaps?) but in the later years, post-Spice, I’d grown quite fond of Victoria Beckham and her fashion label. So on Sept. 24th when Victoria Beckham officially opened her first stand-alone boutique, I was intrigued and let me tell you, it doesn’t disappoint. Located on London’s up-and-coming Dover Street, this 6,040 square foot space sits right between a Jimmy Choo boutique and an art gallery, and is also conveniently across the street from the famous Dover Street Market (a.k.a. the fashionista’s dream).

What I admire about VB’s designs are how consistent they are to a few key words: Minimalist. Clean. Womanly. Sophisticated. Architectural. And it shows through in the store’s contemporary design. From how everything is set up and laid out, down to the little details such as having the sales team carry iPads for ready-to-go payments wherever you are in the store rather than having your traditional, fixed “ugly tills” (Victoria’s words).

A lot of thought was clearly put into the design of the store, not just for aesthetic purposes that please the eye, but also with the customer in mind with its vast open spaces and large wood benches for friends, spouses and children to wait comfortably. In regards to her staff and the store’s general vibe, Victoria has also said that she intends for the space to be inviting, not stuffy or intimidating like many high-end boutiques tend to be, so that women feel welcome just strolling in to browse or shop.

Handsome, thoughtful, with exceptional customer service- now, that’s my kind of store.

To get a better idea of VB’s un-snooty approach to fashion retail, here’s a quote from editor-in-chief Lauren Indvik of Fashionista:

What’s perhaps rarer — and more modern still — is her approach to customer service. Walk into a Céline boutique, and a store associate may inform you that nothing whatever is available in your size, and you cannot be helped. Walk into Beckham’s store, and you can expect a different level of service: “If we don’t have what you’re looking for in the store, then the staff will find what you are looking for somewhere in the world,” she pledges.

So there we are, some overall wonderful clothing, female and architectural inspiration. Hopefully the next time I’m in London I’ll get the chance to drop in (I hear David Beckham might play doorman now and again ;)).

Enjoy. 1411628602917_wps_4_Dover_St_Notes_Location_3 1411628602924_wps_5_Dover_St_Notes_Location_3 1411630856833_wps_27_LONDON_ENGLAND_SEPTEMBER_1411644189809_wps_16_25_SEPT_2014_LONDON_UK_TH1411629562986_wps_23_VB_store_London_14_MG_403 MTE5NDg0MDYzOTM1NzkyNjU1 MTE5NDg0MDYzOTM1OTIzNzI3MTI0ODAzMzY0NTAzNDcyMTM4MTE5NDg0MDYzOTM1ODU4MTkxMTI0ODAzMzY0NTAzNDgyMzM4 1411628602931_wps_6_Victoria_Beckham_36_DoverMTI0ODAzMzY0MjM1MDI2NTA0 MTI0ODAzMzY0NTAzNDYxOTYwShop the look:




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