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Hello, hello, hello.

Sorry it’s been so quiet as of late! The lack of inspiration on this blog is appalling! But it’s not for lack of good reason, I promise. I recently graduated from university this year and while I’m still acting because I love it and it keeps me sane, a girl is allowed to have more than one dream and goal in life! It’s been a craaaaazy journey but after years of planning, my long-time close friend and I have finally started and founded our own marketing/pr/events/product distribution/branding/social media company (website coming soon-ish) in Vancouver, BC. It’s a long list because basically we do it all, so there really is no category we exactly fit under so let’s just call it a Creative agency for simplicity’s sake. Anyways, as you can imagine, I have been B.U.S.Y. – I’ve almost literally had NO time for sleep, friends, blogging, breathing…etc etc. Though I am definitely not complaining!

As of today, our agency has 2 clients under its belt (one of which we pitched to and gained only a week ago), with a few other prospects in the horizon. One of these companies, that we’ve actually been in talks with since August has sort of, somewhat consumed my life in the past month. I feel like a proud new parent and so I am excited to announce and showcase my work with Titabonita Designs International. After this post, anything I post about Titabonita- which will probably happen frequently- will be short and sweet, I promise.

To give you a general overview, Titabonita is a 100% Handmade in Spain luxury footwear and leather accessories brand. Their/our goal is to create a lifestyle around the company that encourages women to share their experiences with each other, be inspired every day, live happy, sparkly, bold and free. Titabonita has products ranging from ballet flats (signature product), sandals, handbags, boots, gloves, makeup pouches etc. But right now, with the company’s very fresh expansion into the global market, we are primarily focusing on marketing their signature ballet flats- a collection called La Petite Espagnole (the little Spanish girl).

Anyway, I’m probably boring the heck out of you. It’s 2 in the morning. I’m only half coherent, so please excuse the sloppy writing but we finally launched Titabonitas international online store! Yay!

So without further ado, it would mean so much to me if you could support our small company by following, liking, sharing and just simply interacting and connecting with us via the following platforms:

Instagram: Titabonita_Intl
Facebook: Titabonita Designs International
Online Store:

It is also our goal to have girls, boys, women and men alike to guest-write inspirational posts, funny stories (PG or X-Rated), their thoughts, ideas, favourite recipes, etc. We really want to foster a community environment within our brand, so if you have any thoughts you’d love to share with others on a different, growing platform (even though you all have your own blogs), please reach out to me via private message or to

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Now that my schedule is starting to balance itself out, plenty more Titabonita photos and inspirational photos in general to come.

Shop the look:


*if there are any products on the site that you like but are sold out, send me a comment or private message and I will pre-order it for you!*