Glitter Bomb!

by misscarlytan

Thank you Emily for your beautiful words about Titabonita. You’re amazing for doing this write-up. We can’t wait to see you in the new collection and how you’re going to style them! Isn’t it incredible and funny how powerful the reach of social media is? We will have to thank Alyssa, as well!

xxo Carly

Hello, Rosie

If you’ve been making your holiday list and checking it once, twice, and thrice, like I have, then you probably have all sorts of treats on it that you’ve been coveting for awhile. Mine wouldn’t be complete without a gorgeous pair of shoes on it!

I follow Alyssa Garrison’s blog, Random Acts of Pastel, as well as her Instagram account of the same name, and Sloane Tea, whose social media accounts she handles. Almost a month ago, Sloane Tea‘s Instagram account shared an image of their lovely tea with a pair of THE most amazing ballet flats with a sparkly toe. I am like a baby when it comes to anything with sparkle; it instantly grabs my attention. And shoes? I’m frequently referred to as “Imelda.” I’ve been lusting for these gems for weeks now!

The shoes in said photograph are by Titabonita Designs, and come…

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