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This is a photo I took the other day. I just loved the ombré sunset and the big, visible (in-person anyway) moon floating in the corner of the sky..

I am a perpetual believer in hanging onto your dreams. For the purposes of being happy, my sanity and most of all, if there is one thing I’ve always hated, it’s wasting time. And to me, there is no bigger time-waster than living an empty, half-fulfilled life. I also fear becoming too comfortable. Too comfortable with where I am, what I’m doing and simply becoming too comfortable with being comfortable.

As children, we begin our lives with our eyes and arms wide open to all of the world’s possibilities, with our hands ever-reaching, always trying to grasp for more. More food, more knowledge, more love, more experience, more life. These are the years that belong to our days of yearning.

As teenagers, every little thing that happens in our lives becomes an event. Every little thing becomes a dramatic matter of life and death, but most importantly, everything we wish, hope and want for matters. We let our minds drift off into the clouds, believing that anything can be accomplished if we simply try, and that no dreams are too big or out-of-reach if we want them bad enough. These are the years that belong to our dreams.

As adults, things become a little more complicated.

While this is the time that we are (hopefully) legally and (usually) financially able to really go after our dreams, reality often forces us to take a step back. The reality that maybe our dreams aren’t all that easy to accomplish, and that the world isn’t always a friendly or welcoming place when it comes to dreamers and out-of-the-box thinkers.

We start working these long hours, have bills and other “grown up” expenses to pay. We become complacent and “happy” with where we are simply because we don’t have the energy for anything else, or buy into the idea that dreams should only exist in childhood and in moments of sleep. We catch ourselves justifying why we are no longer pursuing our dreams, and begin to hear ourselves saying things like, “That was a pipe dream, it’s not realistic.”, “Nobody makes it”, “Those were just silly ideas I had when I was young and naive”, “People with big dreams haven’t lived in the real world”, or worst of all, “What’s the point?”

We settle for the comfort of stability and knowing where we are going to be in the next 5 years. We behave bitterly and judgementally towards the people who are going after their dreams, placing mental bets on how long they will actually last. These are the years that belong to our fears and doubts.

In an effort to keep this from running too long (ha!), I just wanted to say.. I hope you keep dreaming, and find a way to pursue your dreams no matter how tired or doubtful or fearful you are.

I hope you continue to find passion and inspiration everyday, all around you through entrepreneurs, magazines, great entertainment, random blog posts, funny coffee mugs, hole-in-the-wall shops, art, music, travel… Because as we get older we often forget the point in all of this. The point in this thing called life and what it truly means to live it.

Because I don’t want to just exist, I want to truly live. And I don’t want to just be comfortable, because I’m okay with a little discomfort if it means I get to lay in my deathbed knowing that I’ve tried and tasted everything there is in the world that might make me happy. I don’t want my life to just be a collection of seconds and minutes of time gone by, I want it to be a sad, beautiful, funny and devastatingly wonderful adventure.

I don’t want to just live vicariously through other people. I want to feel inspired and satisfied looking at my own life. I want to be the live-er, the giver, the inspirer; not the fearful and passive watcher.

Don’t get me wrong. I am definitely not the hippie, would-be-happy-living-in-the-woods type. In fact, I love material things (have you seen my fashion posts?). But I do truly believe in the importance of living passionately and meaningfully, not passively. I also believe in the importance of pursuing all things smartly and consciously, not recklessly. And that if your dreams aren’t your career (yet), they can and should still have a big place in your life. Because your dreams, passions and motivations are what set you apart from every other human being and gives you your unique identity.

The way I see it, it can only end in two ways: you living the life of your dreams, or you living the rest of your life in peace knowing that you have no regrets. Either way, it seems like you’d be #winning at life all around.

So dare to live. Dare to challenge yourself, push yourself and dare to allow yourself to fail without feeling like a failure.

Let’s make these years, the rest of our years, belong to our dreams, passion, creativity and happiness. Let’s make these years make our lives worth living.

Cheers, lovelies.

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