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I know sundaylovexo is supposed to be a blog of things that inspire me, so I’m sure this post will just be skimmed over but I have feelings that I need to get out there, okay? The thing is, if there’s anything to be inspired by in this post, it’s the message that life is short, so get up and at ’em before another 5-6 years passes you by. Okay? All right.


It’s a weird feeling when a longstanding TV series comes to an end. It is literally the end of an era, and I’m not ashamed to say that it’s downright devastating!

Because for half a decade or longer, it’s been a part of your life routine to tune into this show or segment (whatever that may be). Through all the ups and downs of your life, things like TV shows stay constant. You feel like you know these characters and find solace in the story lines (the good and even the really bad). You get annoyed at the writers one week and swear you’re over the show, then the next week you think the writers are geniuses and how could I ever stop watching? You follow these actors through their ups and downs, pregnancies and relationships, and watch as they grow in their craft (..or not). And when it all comes to an end, you feel like a constant in your life has been yanked out from under you. Suddenly you don’t know what day of the week it is because your favourite TV shows are off the air and Mondays are starting to look really bleak! (Am I being a little bit too dramatic? Sorry, it’s all these teenage dramas I watch.)

For me over the years from what I remember, it’s been The O.C., One Tree Hill, kind of Gossip Girl just because it was on in my high school years, How I Met Your Mother, and now with The Vampire Diaries in its last season and CSI coming to an end – and I don’t even watch CSI! – it sure makes a girl feel ancient to know that a significant chunk of my life is kind of, well, over. I mean CSI, I’ve seen commercials for that show literally since I was 8 years old. Damn it. Is this how it felt when Friends and Sex and the City came to an end??? And I don’t know what it is about teenage dramas and sitcoms, but it almost feels like the guiltier the pleasure, the more it pulls on your heartstrings because I definitely did not cry at the season finale of Breaking Bad or any of the more “serious” shows.

But honestly, it makes you think, crap. I’ve been watching this show since I was xxx years old, I was a kid! Wow, everyone on the show’s aged so much since season one…wait, have I aged that much? And crap, what have I done with my life since the show’s started? Damn it. Why can’t we all just go back to season one????? I still remember like it was just yesterday, watching The Vampire Diaries in its first season in the common room at the dorms with a bunch of new friends in my first year of university (yes, I’m dying inside). Where do these characters go?! Are they living happy lives off the television screen? Damn it. Why can’t I see what they’re up to?! (…yes, I know the characters don’t go anywhere and cease to exist outside of television, but thank you.)

The point is whether it’s a serious drama, teenage drama, sitcom, person, pet, your favourite restaurant that closed down, it’s sad when anything that’s been in your life for a relatively long and consistent time comes to an end. And it’s not embarrassing, it’s human nature. Because as dumb as it might sound to some people, outside of my REAAALLY busy and REALLY productive, awesome life, I really enjoy sitting down after a long week and catching up on the shows I’ve missed or knowing “Oh, new episode recording tonight!” It’s definitely a consistent part of my week that I cherish. And as an actor, it also definitely makes you think “WELP, I guess I’ll never ever get to be on that show!” (you guys, it’s the hope, okay?)

Sigh. I digress. And leave you with these nostalgic pictures from the Vampire Diaries and of the cast because that season finale really made me tear up worse than my hay fever does – SO JUST LET ME, OKAY? God, I feel old. Where’s the ice cream?

Bonnie FeatherBonnie & Elena feathersKatherine and ElenaDamon & Elena danceElena Stefan s1Stefan and Elena s1Stefan Elena s1Katherine DamonKatherine Stefan s1TVD TrioTVD Trio GradNina Ian Elton JohnNina Dobrev and Candice AccolaTVD PW BirthdayCandice Nina BWNina KatNina Paul selfieTVD Trio on stage

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