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Concrete colours, Crystal Concepts; and fifty shades of #ThatsDarling.

I love to write. I love to scribble notes. From a young age (probably around the third grade), it’s always been a great cathartic outlet for me, a creative outlet. Although I don’t have the stamina or discipline to sit down and write an entire novel, I fancy writing short stories, poetry and the random thoughts I have on things. I’m a great speaker, I like speaking to an audience and sharing my opinions, but ironically, I’ve always had a hard time putting thoughts into spoken word. So in order to get everything running through my head out the way I want it to, I always have to put it down on paper first.

Language matters. Words matter. I’ve gotten into arguments with people in my life about this because, especially in a fight, I ‘nitpick’ at words too much. But that’s because what you say MATTERS, and I think people ought to pay more attention to that. Another thing I’m particular about is when people are telling me a story; I always insist that they tell me what the other person said verbatim. Because the way you phrase a thought, the words you choose to use, or how you recall an event – a single change in wording, enunciation, or phrasing, can change the entire meaning and intention behind what somebody’s saying. Whether they realize that or not.

Words are important and sometimes even powerful, folks. Don’t forget it.

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