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Taken in Strathcona, Vancouver, Canada.

Not my usual type of photography, but happy British Columbia Day to all you Canadians! Overlooking the gorgeous city from a RedBow Creative client’s apartment on Quebec Street.

It’s funny. A lot of people find black and white photography the easiest to do because “everything looks good in black and white”, but it’s something I struggle with. Because while that may be true, I personally feelit’s hard to make black and white photography look unique, interesting, and multi-dimensional.

One of the reasons I like this picture so much is the fact that there are so many elements to it: a wide view of the city far beyond, the texture on the water with boats floating idly by, the angular shapes protruding from the globe-like structure that is Science World, the skytrain rolling alongside shadows created by the adjacent trees and light posts, the nice balance of light and darkness.

Do you like black and white photography? Am I the only one that has a hard time with it?

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