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M MISSONI x THE CIRCUS Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign

I find oftentimes with minimalistic fashion ad campaigns, that the end product can look a bit bland and dare-I-say, boring? Of course, on the other hand, when done right it can also be so deliciously simple, à la Céline.

M Missoni is another brand, perhaps a little underrated, that has proven time and time again their understanding of the aesthetic joys of balanced simplicity. I love how fresh this campaign feels; the muted vibrance of it, so light, effortless and easy. Each shot has a palpable essence of vivre and passion, but more importantly, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and lets the fashion speaks for itself.

It is ads like these (whether from high street or high fashion) that lure me into wanting to make a purchase, despite the designs being 100% opposite of what I would normally gravitate towards. Why? Because ultimately I believe, everyone wants to experience and be immersed in a great story – which is often achieved by a lethal combination of a ingenious marketing, authentic design, artful creative direction and a photographer/videographer who has the ability to capture it all.

And this is one story and fashion moment in time I wouldn’t mind being a part of. Plus, have you seen their colourful array of raffia clutches? What’s there not to love?

A Message from M Missoni:

Playfully upbeat perfect for sparkling both smiles and dreams, bringing a sense of humour to the forefront, here’s the Spring/Summer 2016 collection, clearly referencing to a unique world: the circus.

Model: Mathilde Brok Brandi
Photographer: Mel Bles
Art Director: Jasmine Raznahan
Stylist: Vanessa Reid
Hairstylist: Christian Eberhard
MUA: Isamaya Ffrench

M Missoni SS 2016 (2)M Missoni SS 2016M Missoni SS 2016 (3)M Missoni ss 2016 (4)

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