You may call me Carly (misscarlytan, for those of you on Instagram).

Welcome to my blog, Sundaylovexo.

This ‘journal’ of rambling ideas is a result of my love for good entertainment in all its forms and yearning to fill my life with a never-ending source of inspiration. I love reading lifestyle blogs, just as much as I love to write and express myself…so I figured, why not start my own blog?

In truth, I had started this blog in my first year of Uni on a different blogging platform, to some minute (emphasis on the word minute) success but, as it always does, life happened. So here it is now; reborn, on a new platform, with a fresh perspective and hopefully, some sort of longevity.

My goal here is to share, entertain, inspire and create a go-to place for a person or two for when they just need to take a break from their own realities.

With that being said, I warmly welcome you into mine.

Where do I currently live? Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Who am I? A strange girl in a big, big world constantly getting lost and finding my way again. I love life, though we’ve had our share of ups and downs, I try to live my life every day with an acute and conscious awareness of its brevity.

What do I do? I am at this moment an actress and writer- I would say ‘aspiring’, but I rather strongly dislike the implications and limitations that come with the word and as they say…fake it, ’til you make it, right? I also recently co-founded my own creative marketing agency, which I now run with my long-time friend and business partner, Misha Sirois.

Things I love:

Travel and other wanderlust-y activities. Great, magical, inspiring words like ‘Wanderlust’. Books and bookstores that allow me to sit, read and hide away from the world for a moment. Acting and all else film-related. The fashion and beauty industries. Aesthetically beautiful- though not necessarily in the traditional sense- things. Leather jackets (!!). Family. Friends. Fresh coconut water. Technology. Good coffee (black, no cream, no sugar). Marketing/advertising prowess. Art galleries. Museums. A nice stiff cocktail paired with that one (or two) guilty-pleasure cigarette(s). Food, duh. Kitchening (things included: cooking, baking, general fridge-hovering). Wellness..because it sounds less daunting and, frankly, irritating than ‘Fitness’. .oh, who am I kidding? They both sound equally as horrible, but they make you FEEL oh, so good. Sex and the City. The list goes on.

So join me on this adventure! I promise it’ll be a fun ride. Most of the time. ..Maybe. Ok, no promises, but let’s just roll with it and see what unfolds.